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As part of the accreditation process, the Probus Club of Breakfast Point adopted the following:

   Constitution of the Probus Club of Breakfast Point (approved December 2013)

   Standing Resolutions of the Probus Club of Breakfast Point   (approved October 2014)

Constitution and By-Laws of Breakfast Point Probus

Outings Policy - 6-2-2020

Privacy policy  - 6-2-2020

Interest Groups policy - 6-2-2020

Risk Management policy 6-2-2020

  Archives 6-2-2020

  Care and Support  6-2-2020

  Proxy Form - for member use

Club policies, procedures and resolutions -reviewed by Management Committee

The Constitution is set by the accrediting body (Probus Centre) and cannot be amended by an individual club.

The By-Laws and or Standing Resolutions form the guidelines for management of club affairs in accordance with the wishes of the membership and may not be in conflict with an Article of the Constitution.

   Walking Group

   Cycling Group


The Probus Club of Breakfast Point has Public Liability Cover of $20 M through PSP. The coverage is for Personal Injury, Public Liability and Association Liability. It is not a sickness policy.

If you need to make an insurance claim a form can be obtained by contacting the Secretary or a Committee Member.

Specific Interest Group policies and procedures