Probus Club of Breakfast Point Inc.

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  Fees 2021/22

 Annual Fee - $25

The Members Joining Fee - $30.

  Annual Fees can be paid prior to and on the day of the March AGM up to the end of March.

A typical meeting. The photo above was taken in 2016 with over 140 members present.

This number of regular attendees has continued throughout the Club’s history.

On occasions members have had to stand in the balcony area as all the chairs were taken.

Involvement and Commitment to the Club and Member Welfare

All members on joining Probus accept their responsibility at a suitable time to become involved in:

It is important as members of Probus that we care for the welfare of one another, whilst respecting mmember privacy. 

Anyone with information about a illness or bereavement affecting a member should advise the Care and Support Officer

in person  or by email so that the Club can make contact, offer support and help if it is appropriate and desired by the member.