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Probus clubs are set up for active retirees and semi retirees. Their purpose is to provide members with regular opportunities to keep their minds active, stay fit and healthy, expand their interests and enjoy friendship, fellowship and fun, through regular outings and social interaction.

Probus can provide members of the community with fresh ideas to enrich and fulfil their lives. Today, Probus in Australia and New Zealand is by far the largest integrated body of Probus Clubs in the world.


The name Probus is made up of  the “PRO” in “profession” and “BUS” in “business” – which also makes up the Latin word for “honesty, integrity, virtue”.

Age is not a number but how you feel inside – enjoy the many benefits offered through Probus – it may be your best decision.

Contact details:

Toll Free within Australia 1300 630 488 or 02 9806 0100


1/85 George St

 Parramatta NSW 2123

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If a member requires an Injury or Accident Form please contact the Secretary or a Committee member